Rose Report: Issue 38

Turning the Table on Today’s Tight Job Market

RFS Human Capital ManagementAfter years of job seekers scrambling to find jobs, the tables are turning. Today’s tight job market is having a deep impact on a company’s ability to hire and retain top talent.

Remember when the posting of any open position would result in resumes of candidates flooding in? Today, the scenario can be very different. According to the June 2018 Wall Street Journal article, American Job Openings Now Outnumber the Jobless, for the first time since such record-keeping began in 2000, the number of available positions exceeded the number of job seekers. With a labor shortage and intensified competition for workers, companies are having to rethink the ways they recruit, hire and retain employees.

To meet the tight job market demands, many companies are looking much more seriously at adopting a human capital management (HCM) approach. Gartner defines HCM as a set of practices related to people resource management. These practices are focused on the organizational need to support specific competencies and are implemented in three categories: workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization.

How does HCM help a company’s staffing and retention efforts? Simply put, HCM evaluates all workforce practices to maximize a company’s return on their investment in their employees. HCM benefits organizations by making talent acquisition more focused, helping them hire the right employees, and then providing them with the training and opportunity to use their skills to the fullest. Ultimately, HCM brings out the best in your employees and differentiates your business in the marketplace.

To help our clients meet their human resource challenges, we’ve developed RFSHR, a single source HCM solution for today’s tight job market. From recruitment to compliance, RFSHR combines human resources expertise, the latest technology (RFSHRIS) and business acuity to maximize the value your employees bring to your organization. Our solution helps start-ups and emerging growth companies recruit, manage, develop and optimize their human resources—all while increasing productivity and minimizing compliance related risks.

Whether your company need a full-service solution or help in specific HCM areas, let us help you maximize your human capital returns in today’s tight job market. Contact us today for more information on our human capital management solutions or visit our website for more information on RFSHR™.