Rose Report: Issue 37

Maximizing Your Workforce for Business Success

RFS Human Capital ManagementIn today’s tight job market, the term human capital management is more than a buzz word – it’s a philosophy that is changing the way companies think about hiring and retaining their employees.

According to, human capital management is an approach to employee staffing and retention that perceives people as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment.

The term human capital management was coined by Economist Theodore Schultz in the 1960s. According to Investopedia, [Schultz] believed human capital was like any other type of capital; it could be invested in through education, training and enhanced benefits that lead to an improvement in the quality and level of performance or engagement.

Traditionally, CEOs realize that they need to make investments in items such as new equipment, research, development, etc. to grow their companies. In today’s competitive job market, CEOs realize that they now need to also invest in their greatest asset—their employees. Human capital management involves evaluating all workforce practices to maximize a company’s return on their investment in their employees.

And, that’s where Rose Financial Solutions (RFS) steps in.

Introducing RFSHR™
RFSHR™ is a single-source solution for today’s human capital management challenges. From recruitment to compliance, RFSHR™ combines human resources expertise, the latest technology (RFSHRIS™) and business acuity to maximize the value your employees bring to your organization.

Our solution helps start-ups and emerging growth companies recruit, manage, develop and optimize their human resources—all while increasing productivity and minimizing compliance related risks. Plus, our solution ensures you receive the highest level of professional judgment along the continuum of experience.

As the Premier U.S. Based Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm™, RFS is focused on helping our clients succeed in their missions. We take a holistic approach to our clients’ finance, accounting and human resource needs, providing the entire range of services at a fraction of the cost.

Let us help you maximize your workforce. Contact us today for more information on our human capital management solutions. Visit our website for more information on RFSHR™.