Rose Report: Issue 38

Tis the Season for Corporate Responsibility!

Integrating Corporate Responsibility Into Holiday Festivities

RFS Meals for the HomelessFrom hiring and retaining top talent that want to work for a company that has a corporate responsibility (CR) program, to increasing employee engagement, there’s no disputing the value CR brings to a company. In fact, according to a study by, CR programs can potentially reduce a company’s staff turnover rate by up to 50 percent, increase employee productivity by up to 13 percent and increase employee engagement by up to 7.5 percent. As corporate holiday event planning fills the air, there is no better time for your company to focus on giving back, establishing bonds and connecting with the local community. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate CR activities into your company’s holiday plans.

Find a cause.

During the holiday season, there are many non-profit organizations that organize food, clothing and toy drives. To find an organization that your company and employees will be passionate about helping, simply send out a survey to get employee feedback. Ask employees to support the non-profit by bringing donation items to your holiday party.

Team up.

One of the greatest benefits of a CR program is that it brings employees together. Why not expand your CR efforts to include your clients, families and friends? Set a side a day where your employees can focus on a CR activity and invite others to join.

Make it impactful.

While charitable activities are impactful during the holiday season, organizations need help year-round. Make sure you continue the goodwill towards your community by arranging CR activities throughout 2019.

At Rose Financial Solutions, we’re passionate about giving back to our community through charitable activities. As part of our RFS Gives Back Foundation, twice a year our team volunteers with Meals for the Homeless to assemble meals. We then donate them to Nourish Now, an organization that redistributes directly to families and over 60 Montgomery County, Maryland, nonprofit organizations that provide food assistance to those in need.

On Friday, December 6, we put aside the hustle and bustle of the holiday season by devoting the day to bringing holiday hope to those less fortunate. Our team of employees, clients, family and friends assembled and donated 1,200 breakfasts and 1,200 lunches to fight hunger in our local community. In addition to the 2,400 meals, we also donated 4,000 bottles of water. While hunger knows no season, our team Meals for the Homeless effort help make the holiday season a little brighter for those who otherwise would not have the resources for a nutritious meal.