Startup Solutions That Are Better Than Bookkeeping

You’re a startup company with great ideas and big plans.

Don’t let roadblocks stop you from reaching your business goals.

From financial challenges during tight times, to compliance and tax issues, startup companies often face hurdles that get in the way of their success. That’s where Rose Financial Solutions (RFS) steps in.

RFSStartup is our innovative solution designed to support start-up and early stage companies and help them grow. Through RFSStartup, we remove roadblocks by giving you the financial confidence you need to make sound business decisions and achieve more.

We’ve spent over 20 years building the processes and systems necessary to help nurture our early stage clients. As your trusted advisor, we’ll be there to help you succeed by providing meaningful financial information and guidance that is timely and accurate. Through our advanced technology and cloud-based systems, we’ll ensure you have a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure that starts with getting the bookkeeping done right.

As you grow beyond outsourced bookkeeping and need more sophisticated reporting, we’ll be there for you, too. We’ll analyze your company’s financial situation, map out a realistic and strategic budget, ensure compliance and set your company on a course to achieve growth and long-term goals, all while remaining a cost-effective alternative to internal staff.

With the financial clarity we deliver, you’ll be able to make confident business decisions that allow you to achieve more.

Our early stage clients include:

  • Companies that are not satisfied with their bookkeeper
  • Growing companies that need a financial system that can scale with them
  • Companies looking for equity or debt financing and know that they need accrual based accounting and meaningful management reports
  • Government contractors in need of DCAA compliance
  • Non-profits in need of grant reporting, board reports, and audit support
  • Business owners looking to prepare for exit of their business and in need of financial guidance
  • U.S. subsidiaries of international firms in need of full back-office support.

Request an RFSStartup quote and configure an outsourced bookkeeping solution that will grow with you and provide you with the financial confidence you need to achieve more.

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Case Study:

Here is an example of how RFS assisted an emerging growth company in building its accounting system:

A pioneer in an emerging industry came to RFS producing approximately $1 million in revenues. RFS was faced with the challenge of building a novel and scalable accounting system that could function in this new industry. RFS created an auditable system that accurately and timely reported financial information. Our system enabled this early stage company to make sound financial decisions that helped it succeed.

Financial Result: Went from $1 million to $20 million in revenue before being sold to a private equity fund.

“RFS was the perfect fit for my needs…as my business has grown, your services have expanded to continue to suit my requirements.” CEO, Emerging Growth Company