Rose Report: Issue 27

Season’s Greetings to All!

Season Greetings issue-27-pic-story4December is the opportune time for organizations to reflect on the year that is coming to a close. It is a good opportunity to evaluate accomplishments and productivity and to celebrate the employees who worked hard to grow the company and serve its customers.

Holiday parties are a popular way to celebrate your employees, and to thank them for their service. Many organizations are having holiday gatherings in their office, especially if December is a busy month and employees can only spare a few hours. It allows colleagues to mingle and toast together, while reducing their time commitment and minimizing costs for the organization. Hosting an event outside the office provides a nice change of environment, whether at someone’s house or at a restaurant or other venue. Inviting employees with a guest or family member is a great way to emphasize a family-friendly culture (as well as a more family-friendly party). The party doesn’t need to be specific to any particular December holiday, but the theme should convey appreciation, socializing and general merriment.

The fun doesn’t need to stop just at a holiday party. For those employees who shy away from parties, a different kind of activity might be a good way to ease them away from their desks. Consider organizing a staff charity event. Volunteering at a soup kitchen, collecting donations to bring to a homeless shelter, or arranging a toy drive are some ways to get employees into the giving spirit and for colleagues to bond outside the office.

You can also treat your hard-working employees to an afternoon off by going ice-skating, seeing a show or a new art exhibition as a team. The activity gets people to socialize outside the office in a fun environment and renew their energy without a party setting.

It’s also a nice time to give your employees a small thank-you gift for their work. While the gift doesn’t need to be expensive, the gesture and effort is always appreciated. According to the Society for Industry and Organizational Psychology, employees prefer a gift that showed effort, time and thought put in, such as lunch at a restaurant or home-baked cookies, rather than just one where the employer went through the motions just to have a gift.

Sometimes the gift of time is a great way to say thank-you: According to the Employers Resource Council, 42 percent of employers will give the day after Christmas off this year, since it falls on a Friday, and 24 percent will give the Friday after New Year’s as well. Time away will let your staff relax, unwind at home, and recharge before kicking off another year.


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