NORTH BETHESDA, Md., June 21, 2023 – Rose Financial Solutions (ROSE), a Finance as a Service (FaaS) leader, is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation financial services and technology solution at its 2nd Annual FaaS Conference in June 2023. The cutting-edge solution marks a significant milestone in the FaaS industry by enabling organizations to future-proof their back offices throughout their lifecycles from start-up to exit.

“We are excited to demonstrate how our technology platform, Easby, can future-proof an organization’s back office. A comprehensive system of engagement built on enterprise-grade, hyper-automation technology, Easby is designed to automate the vast majority of finance and accounting-related activities over the coming years,” said Ted Rose, Founder, President, and CEO of ROSE. “By reducing complexity, Easby improves financial clarity and significantly reduces the disruptions clients experience due to their growth and the evolving technology landscape.”

In addition to unveiling Easby, ROSE redefined the FaaS industry to include five pillars of finance transformation: people, process, technology, organization, and data. Digitization disruptions often hamper growth as a business or organization hits its complexity ceiling. Managing these disruptions requires that financial systems maintain harmony between people, processes, technology, organization, and data. To preserve unity, companies need to control the vast volume of activities through a comprehensive engagement system that integrates with its system of record.

“We are excited to introduce our game-changing solution that revolutionizes FaaS,” said Rose. “We have combined our deep understanding of the industry with cutting-edge technology to develop a solution that empowers our customers to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and be prepared for the future.”

About ROSE®

ROSE is a Finance as a Service (FaaS) leader, supporting a company’s back office by harmonizing People, Processes, Technology, Organization, and Data to empower our clients to become accomplished leaders. We achieve this by providing financial clarity and eliminating complexity through Easby®, a system of engagement built on enterprise-grade, hyper-automation technology that manages finance, accounting, and tax activities, converts data into information, and supports a team of experienced professionals to enhance a company’s success by improving financial performance. Find out why the Future of FaaS is Easby at: