ROCKVILLE, Md., February 27, 2019—Rose Financial Solutions (RFS), the Premier U.S. Based Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm™, is celebrating 25 years of successfully exceeding client finance, accounting, tax, human resource, and related IT service expectations.

Founded in 1994 by CEO Ted Rose, RFS is a pioneer in the finance and accounting outsourcing industry. In 1995, the company coined the term “accounting outsourcing,” a term that today is widely used among accounting service companies. “When I founded RFS, I had a vision that RFS could support its clients’ growth without their need to hire finance and accounting staff,” said Rose. “At that time, there was no existing terminology to explain our business model in the accounting space and I realized that outsourcing was exactly what RFS was doing for our clients.”

Since its founding, RFS has embraced a philosophy of continuous innovation and process improvement. Today, RFS’ solutions go beyond traditional finance and accounting outsourcing with its Finance as a Solution (FaaS) approach that combines its cutting-edge technology platform, RFSWorkflow™, and their team of experienced finance, accounting, tax and HR professionals.

“RFS is proud of our 25-year track record of improving our clients’ financial performance through financial clarity,” said Rose. “At the same time, we are focused on the future and continuing to deliver value to our clients through our state-of-the-art finance and accounting innovations. RFS will continue build a bright financial future for our clients through the year 2025 and beyond!”