With international financial solutions, setting up and maintaining U.S. operations just got easier!

From tax compliance to payroll processing and administration in all 50 states, setting up an overseas operations presents many challenges. With our full turnkey international accounting solution, you will rest assured knowing that your accounting function is not one of them.

What can RFS do for your U.S. operation?

As the Premier U.S. Based Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm™, RFS is focused on helping our clients succeed in their international expansion missions. We provide the tax, accounting, human resource and advisory services you need to grow in the U.S.

Our services include:

  • Outsource CFO services

  • Managing payables cycle and vendor relations

  • Managing billing and receivables cycle and customer financial interactions

  • Tax planning and compliance: Federal, state, and local

  • Cash management

  • Registration with appropriate taxing authorities

  • Set-up of accounting system including payroll

  • Establish banking relationship

  • Payroll processing and administration in all 50 states

  • Set up employee benefits, policies and procedures

  • And more.


The RFS advantage

At RFS, we’re leading the paradigm shift from traditional outsourced finance and accounting services to Finance as a Service (FaaS). Our solutions combine the best of both worlds — our cutting-edge technology platform, Easby™ powered by RFSWorkflow™, and our experienced international finance, accounting, tax and HR professionals. We are committed to the international market and to helping the U.S. ventures of our international clients succeed. Because of our experience in knowing the needs of subsidiaries of international companies, we’ll be taking care of your back-office operations at the same time you’re taking care of the front office activities – reducing set up time and time to market considerably.

Outsourced CFO Services

international financial solutions

International Tax

Tax Planning & Compliance

Financial Reporting

Access your critical financial information anywhere in the world, anytime and perform tasks from anywhere with reduced effort.

Our cost-effective and scalable solutions deliver the meaningful, timely and accurate financial information and guidance you need to make better business decisions, minimize compliance-related risks, improve financial performance and achieve more in the U.S.