Rose Report: Issue 34

Great Teams Aren’t Just Built, They’re Appreciated

issue-34-pic-story4Great companies are made of great people. At Rose Financial Services (RFS), we recognize that our success is due to the hard work and dedication of our team. That’s why we devote an entire week to honoring our employees. While most companies celebrate Employee Appreciation Day in March, at RFS, we celebrate during October. Why? Because as an accounting firm, March is a very busy month for us and we want to make sure all employees can partake in the fun activities.

At RFS, we depend on each other, operate as a team and grow together as a group. So what better way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Week than with a little friendly competition? Hence, this year’s theme was Office Olympics. The festivities kicked off on Monday, October 9 with a Breakfast of Champions. At RFS, we know the way to our employees’ hearts is through food, so we started the week off with a delicious assortment of waffles, French toast, and eggs. On Tuesday, the competition began with outdoor Olympic activities including dodge ball, pool noodle javelin, and corn hole games. On Wednesday, we took the competition indoors with foosball, rubber band archery, flag decorating and more! The competition really heated up on Thursday with an Olympic cook off. Staff was divided into teams and received a box filled with ingredients. They then had 10 minutes to create a tasty dish out of their ingredients. The highlight of this competition was seeing the partners taste each item and judge the winning dish.

We concluded our Employee Appreciation Week on Friday, October 13 with a Greek-themed happy hour that included a ceremony to recognize our Olympic champions and announce the annual superlative award winners.

“It’s important to have people you can count on,” said Ted Rose, RFS’ president and CEO. “Employee Appreciation Week is just one way we show our team how thankful we are for their dedication.”

As a four-time finalist and winner of the Helios HR Apollo Awards—the leading awards program for recognizing employers in the Washington region that invest in employee development—RFS makes celebrating the contributions of staff members a priority. In addition to giveaways, team building competitions and happy hours, the celebration allows for members of the RFS team to interact with each other in fun and relaxed environments. This gives team members the chance to learn more about each other, which increases employee engagement and collaboration. We’re proud to continue to organize Employee Appreciation Week every year to celebrate and recognize the people who help lead us to success.