Trusted and Proven for Government Contractors

eFAACT is a proven contract and project management software solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses who sell services to the federal government.  With Rose Financial Services, you have the option of subscribing to eFAACT as well as the use of our professionals for complete installation and ongoing support.  eFAACT provides compliant –

Contract Administration
Time Tracking
Expense Administration
Project Reporting

With eFAACT, government contractors can more effectively manage projects and financials, comply with Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and DCAA requirements, dramatically reducing operating costs.

The eFAACT Advantage

Maximize Business Productivity — Streamlining the entire business cycle from accounting modules to projects, reports and invoices allows businesses to consistently monitor profitability and eliminates the need to use manual calculations for revenue and indirect rates.

Ensure Data Consistency and Accuracy — Maintain the consistency and integrity of your data with a fully integrated solution.

Completely Comply with DCAA Regulations — Automated compliance with DCAA Standard Form 1408 saves time and ensures better auditing results.

Manage Projects for Profitability — Real time reports keep project managers informed with a single view of all contracts allowing you to adapt and make necessary adjustments.

Reduce Operating Costs — Reduce costly implementation, training, and adoption time with this out-of-the box solution that requires little to no customization — making it easy to install and maintain.

Get a better view of what is going on in your organization with the controls and features that are built into eFAACT along with Rose Financial Services’ complete professional support.



• Report in real-time
• Eliminate manual process
• Increase project awareness
• Integrate for accuracy
• Meet DCAA regulations
• Extensive reporting
• Monitor contract revenue
• Monitor contract usage vs. allowance
• Reduce operating costs