Rose Report: Issue 34

Get to Know RFSBilling

issue-34-pic-story2At Rose Financial Services (RFS), we believe your billing process should be accessible, secure and easy. That’s why we developed RFSBilling™, our innovative electronic workflow system that captures every step in the billing process electronically, including approvals. The most recent module to our RFSWorkflow™ suite of solutions, RFSBilling™ utilizes trained professionals and sophisticated software to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, provide greater visibility and eliminate paper from your billing process.

How it works
RFSBilling™ is designed by accountants for accountants and uses an intuitive interface that enhances your current accounting software. By standardizing and centralizing the billing process, RFSBilling™ allows authorized account owners to review, approve and execute invoices and offers transaction and status reports with secure links to documents, support and a full audit trail.

RFSBilling™ features:

  • Bill Preparation: Indexing, Coding and Routing for Approval
    Upon setup, RFS indexes and reviews all RFSBilling™ transactions to ensure coding accuracy and that current accounting policies are followed. In addition, integrated approval matrixes are implemented to provide automatic routing for approvals and are designed to provide multi-level authorization.
  • Accounting Review and Approval
    RFSBilling™ allows for greater visibility into accounting transactions and reduces the amount of time approvers spend on rejections or adjustments. Online access to RFSBilling™ for all approvers allows users to be in multiple offices, states and even countries. Clients can open a bill, review it, approve it or reject to request adjustments and additional attachments, and easily track and approve invoices—all in one place. In addition, RFSBilling™ provides clients with the opportunity to review prior billing.
  • Transmission to Customer
    Once all invoices have been reviewed and approved, RFSBilling™ automatically transmits bills directly to your clients—eliminating the need to manually send out bills one email at a time. RFSBilling™ includes email templates that can be customized with customer specific salutations and carbon copies (CCs) the approvers. In addition, RFSBilling™ offers different configurations for our government contractor clients who need to submit billing through a government portal.
  • Integration with Accounting Software
    RFSBilling™ seamlessly integrates into your accounting software and provides a full audit trail including every step of the billing process with dates and comments. All transaction history is available online and through reports.

From running a report of all your bills, to knowing which stage your billing process is in, RFSBilling™ provides you with greater visibility and efficiency. Streamline your billing processes with RFSBilling™. For more information, visit our website at or contact us at: or 301.527.1130.