Rose Report: Issue 34

Don’t Let Your Accounting System Give You Growing Pains

issue-34-pic-story1As companies grow, so do the demands on the accounting department. From additional employee payrolls to process, to manually paying bills, to tracking down approvals, companies without a solid accounting system in place will feel growing pains. Manual tasks will become more tedious and less cost-effective, and the financial clarity that you need to continue to grow your company will simply be harder to find. That’s why growing companies need an accounting system that not only fits their current needs, but one that will grow with them.

As your business grows, so does your need to replace tedious manual procedures with centralized, automated and standardized accounting and finance processes. However, that doesn’t mean you need to abandon your current accounting software and invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. At Rose Financial Services (RFS), we developed RFSWorkflow™ to deliver much of the value of an ERP without the costly investment in software and customization.

How it Works
RFSWorkflow™ is our platform that serves as the secure web-based conduit between your users and your accounting software, whatever that may be. Designed by accountants, for accountants, RFSWorkflow™ uses an intuitive interface that enhances your current accounting software and allows authorized account owners to easily review, approve and execute paperless transactions.

RFSWorkflow™ seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting software and gives you visibility into your accounting processes, while allowing for the centralized storage of indexed supporting documentation, change logs, review notes and audit trails. RFSWorkflow™ standardizes and automates processes, allowing technology to manage tedious processes so RFS can focus on providing you with more high-value support, including financial management and strategic guidance. Our solution is a one-of-a-kind technology and services solution that brings ERP capabilities to small to mid-sized companies, while saving approximately 30 to 50 percent of what it would cost to manage these processes internally.

RFSWorkflow™ Advantages
RFSWorkflow™ removes paper from the accounting process, structures finance, accounting and meta data, improves efficiency, limits risk, reduces human error and is configured to maintain best practices.

Our clients see the benefits through financial clarity. RFSWorkflow™ provides a dashboard that includes key reports and metrics on all your financial information. With RFSWorkflow™, not only can data be viewed and accessed from anywhere, tasks can also be performed from anywhere with reduced effort. For example, through RFSClarity™, our mobile application, or any browser, a CEO/manager can approve a bill, authorize and issue a payment batch, approve payroll and billing, receive notifications of the daily deposit, review the audit trail of any transaction including supporting documents or view monthly financial packages for current and past periods. In many cases, RFSWorkflow™ extends the life of your accounting software as a company grows.

Don’t let your accounting software give you growing pains. RFSWorkflow™ is a cost-effective solution that grows with your company and provides the advantage of ERPs without having to abandon your current accounting and finance system. Learn more about RFSWorkflow™ on our website at: