Rose Report: Issue 13

Deltek: A Government Contractor’s Best Friend

issue13-pic-story1As the environment for government contractors grows increasingly competitive, it’s even more important for them to remain in compliance. Deltek is perhaps the most well known provider of software solutions in the GovCon community. The Deltek GCS Premier platform is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of small- to medium-sized firms and is a preferred option for many contractors.

By choosing Deltek, organizations send a signal to Contract Officers and the Defense Contract Audit Agency that their accounting standards, capabilities, and practices are in compliance with government regulations. Not only does Deltek assist contractors in remaining DCAA-compliant, it is highly regarded in the GovCon arena and many DCAA auditors are well versed in how the program works. As a result, organizations that employ Deltek often face fewer questions and undergo smoother audits.

Among the most significant advantages of choosing Deltek is that it automatically generates indirect rates and key reports, such as those needed to complete annual Incurred Cost submissions. Other programs require users to perform manual calculations or purchase add-on modules to perform such functions. And during Pre-Award audits, when the DCAA must ensure that an organization’s accounting system is capable of handling cost-reimbursement contracts, many software programs fall short when it comes to job costing. Deltek’s ability to automatically calculate and spread job costs over the duration of a contract distinguishes it in the marketplace.

By streamlining their finance and accounting functions with Deltek, contractors are able to focus instead on staying competitive and growing their businesses—but only if the software is installed and running correctly. Because Deltek is such a sophisticated program, it takes experts to ensure that it’s set up and managed properly. This team includes IT support, accounting support, contract administration support and GovCon/DCAA experts. As a Deltek partner, Rose Financial Services employs a team of experts that help clients transition to Deltek and maintain the software going forward.

Finally, Deltek connects organizations with an entire community of government contractors through user groups, seminars, webcasts, and other platforms. 44,000-plus members look to its GovWin network for market research and analysis, as well as opportunities to team up and subcontract to each other. Though Deltek is certainly among the best GovCon accounting software solutions available, it’s clearly even much more than that.