Rose Report: Issue 40

Boomerang Employees: Creating a Corporate Culture that Keeps Employees Coming Back

Rose Report-Employee RelationsWhat are boomerang employees? They are individuals who leave a company they work for, but then later return to work for the company again.

But, in order for an employee to even consider coming back to an organization they have left, there has to be a solid and favorable climate and culture to come “home” to. The truth is, employment doesn’t have to end with the exit interview.

Experts say companies that maintain solid relationships with both their current and former employees outpace those that don’t. Part of being able to capitalize on this trend is to show employees that they matter by creating a built-in culture that fosters this phenomenon.

Rose Financial Solutions (RFS) has been building this type of environment for years. Showing our employees that we care is one of our top priorities. Happy and successful people perform better and want to grow with a company, even if they take a different route along the way.

As part of our effort to create a culture that employees want to come back to, we have incorporated many initiatives to ensure a climate that fosters employee contentment and success including:

  • A work hard, play hard mentality
  • A path to CFO program that incorporates mentorship, education and training
  • Health and wellness programs
  • An employee appreciation week
  • Team building and corporate social responsibility activities
  • A well-defined career track with long-term growth opportunities

How to Keep the Door Open

  • When an employee leaves, let them know you’ve valued their hard work.
  • Stay connected with past employees via LinkedIn or other social media.
  • During the exit interview, take feedback and turn it into action items.
  • Let exiting employees know you value their opinions.

RFS continues to evolve an atmosphere that people want to come back to and impressively, two of our former employees have “come home” in the past month alone.

Meet our Latest Boomerang Employees

Daniel Ramos recently came back home to RFS as an assistant controller and team coordinator. He first joined RFS in 2012 as a staff accountant. “My experience with RFS has been the biggest impact in terms of my career growth and source of accounting skills learned and applied. I am very glad to continue developing my path with Rose Financial towards its vision as a company and for myself as an accountant,” said Ramos.

Omar Leguizamon first joined RFS in 2015 as an Accounting Staff and recently returned to RFS as an accounting senior. “I am very excited to be back at RFS,” said Leguizamon. “I look forward to furthering  our clients’ success while contributing new ideas to streamline our business processes.”

“We’d like to extend our warmest welcome back to Daniel and Omar,” said Ted Rose, president, CEO and founder of RFS. “One of RFS’ top goals is to help our employees learn, innovate, and grow with the company. Their forward-thinking and technical abilities along with strong accounting experience make them valuable assets to the RFS team.”