Do you want to take your business to new heights?

Our Finance as a Service solutions will help you get there.

At Rose Financial Solutions (RFS), we’re leading the paradigm shift from traditional outsourced finance and accounting services to Finance as a Service (FaaS).

Going beyond traditional finance and accounting outsourcing, our FaaS solutions combine the best of both worlds— our cutting-edge technology platform, Easby™ powered by RFSWorkflow™, and our team of experienced finance, accounting, tax and HR professionals. With the best people, systems and practices in place, we position our clients for business success.

At RFS, we realize that one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you are looking for a fully staffed solution or just need support in specific areas of your accounting and finance department, we customize your solution to fit your needs.  Our fully staffed solutions include our full technology platform and our people. Or, you can make your accounting and finance staff more effective using Easby powered by RFSWorkflow with your existing accounting software.

Our cost-effective and scalable solutions deliver the meaningful, timely and accurate financial information and guidance you need to make better business decisions, minimize compliance-related risks and improve financial performance.

“For the most part, great leaders don’t need to be deeply engaged with technology; they just need to appreciate its value. But there is a small subset of firms whose success is predicated on deploying and even developing the right tools, and Ted Rose’s is one of those. A long-time pioneer of accounting outsourcing, Rose has led his firm in continuous innovation and improvement, including building an entire suite of custom software that aims to give his clients powerful tools for automating finance and accounting functions with digital workflows, and even developing a mobile app to give them near-real-time access to critical financial information.”

–Accounting Today
MP Elite List 2017

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At RFS, our services are provided by experienced finance and accounting professionals.

All RFS professional staff are CPAs, CPA candidates or otherwise credentialed in their areas of expertise.

Gain access to an entire finance and accounting department from accounts payable staff to Controller to CFO.

Pay for only the types of services you need, performed by an appropriate level of staff.

Cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure through our U.S. based shared service center.

Reap the rewards of our investment in our shared service center, which provides a platform for standardized and repeatable accounting and financial management processes.

Functional Services Support Includes


Accounts Payables and Bill Payment


Contract Management


Cash Receipts


Time System Administration

Expense System Administration

Payroll Administration and Processing


Monthly Closing

Financial Reporting

Management Reporting


Does your financial platform provide a complete picture of your company’s performance while allowing you to drill into the details?

It should.

From financial clarity to business intelligence, Easby powered by RFSWorkflow helps you achieve more with financial confidence. 

We’re leading the evolution of finance and accounting technology with our Finance as a Service (FaaS) solution, Easby powered by RFSWorkflow. An invaluable business, finance and accounting intelligence tool, Easby powered by RFSWorkflow streamlines processes, integrates financial systems and ties your financial and non-financial information together to deliver an unprecedented view of your company’s performance.

Easby powered by RFSWorkflow isn’t another system to learn: it’s the only system you need to access your financial dashboard, your financial and management reports, your transactional details and to process and approve accounting transactions. Its intuitive user interface expands your current accounting software with functionality traditionally only available in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

A financial system that you can convert into action

Through Easby powered by RFSWorkflow you can easily access all your financial information and perform tasks in one location, anytime, anywhere—giving you the financial clarity you need to make sound business decisions.

  • View your Dashboard to monitor and compare key performance indicators (KPIs) against your goals and prior periods
  • Access financial, management and functional reporting
  • View monthly financial packages and historical transactions
  • Approve bills, payroll and billing
  • Authorize and issue payments and more



Easby powered by RFSWorkflow advantages:

  • Delivers a high-level dashboard of your KPIs numerically and graphically including predictive capabilities
  • Cost-effective — saving approximately 30 to 60 percent of what it would cost to manage these processes internally
  • Process accounting transactions electronically or manually
  • Provides transactional details for payables, payments, payroll, billing, cash receipts including full audit trails and supporting documentation
  • 24/7 access to near real-time financial information
  • Minimizes compliance-related risks
  • Increases efficiency

How do you get started?

Gain the financial confidence you need to achieve more in four easy steps.


First, we meet with you to review your current systems and design your solution


Next, we configure Easby powered by RFSWorkflow to standardize and automate your finance and accounting processes


Then, we seamlessly integrate your current accounting software with Easby powered by RFSWorkflow

(RFS supports most well-known accounting software)


Finally, you have access to your financial information through Easby powered by RFSWorkflow and are supported by RFS’ Finance, Accounting and Tax Staff

Easby powered by RFSWorkflow

Easby powered by RFSWorkflow Suite includes:


High level view of your KPIs numerically and graphically.

Comparison to Plan, Prior Year and Prior Period


View routine financial, management, and functional reporting.


View Status of your Transactional Details including Audit Trails, Coding, Approvals, and Supporting Documents


Work the transactional tasks assigned to you

Introducing RFSClarity

A powerful and free RFSClarity-Appfinance and accounting app developed to give you access to key finance, accounting, tax and GovCon/DCAA