Rose Financial Solutions (RFS) has defined the Accounting Outsourcing And Finance Industry

Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services gives companies access to a fully trained and staffed off-site finance and accounting department using an accounting system maintained and operated by Rose Financial Solutions®.

Our accounting outsourcing and finance services have been described by our clients as:

  • value-added
  • cost-effective
  • high quality
  • responsive

Why? Because of our distinct client service which includes:

  • Custom designed accounting system based on an in-depth “Needs Analysis”. Initial meeting with our set-up team reviews all current accounting systems and practices.
  • Services provided by experienced finance and accounting professionals. All RFS professional staff are CPAs, CPA candidates or otherwise credentialed in their areas of expertise.
  • Access to an entire finance and accounting department from accounts payable staff to Controller to CFO. Pay for only the types of services you need, performed by an appropriate level of staff.
  • Maintenance of integrated accounting system. RFS guarantees that accounting systems maintained behind its firewall are always backed up and secured.
  • Assistance in preparing for internal and external audits. Our staff knows your accounting systems and efficiently works with auditors to provide them the information they need.
  • Assistance with obtaining financing. Through our clients, we have relationships with many banks and know how to present the information they’re seeking.
  • Cost effective and scalable financial infrastructure through our shared service center. Reap the rewards of our investment in our shared service center, which provides a platform for standardized and repeatable accounting and financial management processes.

Cost effective, scalable, meaningful information that is timely and accurate while minimizing compliance related risks.

Our comprehensive finance and accounting services produce tangible benefits for our clients:
  • Allowing companies to focus on core competencies: By having an outside provider assume support service activities an organization can accelerate its growth and success through expanded investment in areas offering the greatest competitive advantage.
  • Improving decision making capabilities: RFS has honed its skill at instituting accounting systems that provide meaningful financial information that is timely and accurate. Executives can use that knowledge to bring financial clarity to the decision making process.
  • Increasing internal controls through the segregation of duties: Accounting outsourcing ensures transparency, and the assurance that the accountant doing your payables is not the same as the one doing your bank reconciliations. In addition, the entire process is supervised by a Controller. This could be difficult for a small company to achieve on its own, but accomplished by leveraging outside resources.
  • Increasing company’s profitability and maximize cash flow: By outsourcing, the company reduces the need to invest capital funds in non-core functions, making capital funds more available for core functions. It can also improve certain financial ratios by eliminating the need to show return on equity from capital investments in non-core areas. In addition, access to the outside provider’s lower cost structure, may result in greater economy of scale
  • Improving company’s image with customers and vendors: Even the smallest of entities appears substantial when customers receive professional looking invoice in a timely manner and vendors are directed to the accounting department with their questions. In addition, funding agents – such as banks or investors – appreciate seeing that financial information is reliable and readily available.
  • Increased financial and personnel confidentiality: The integrity of salary information, financial statements, and other confidential information is strengthened because it is processed at another location. Accidental exposure to employees is less likely. Data is backed up multiple times per day and safely stored.
  • Legal, state and federal tax compliance: RFS maintains strict control over the tax year calendar. By remaining proactive with regard to filing deadlines, we are able to use our knowledge of the company, its tax plan, and the accounting database, to ensure taxes and reports are filed in a compliant manner.
  • Improving company’s credit rating and reduce the cost of borrowing: Financial clarity reassures those supplying funds that their money is being handled responsibly. Knowing that RFS is doing the accounting and offering guidance has given our clients better terms than they would have received on their own.