Rose Report: Issue 40

A Path that Leads to CFO

Rose Report-Career Path to CFOOftentimes, employees are concerned they don’t have enough opportunity for growth at their jobs. They become proficient at doing the work they need to do and turn on the cruise control. Eventually, boredom sets in, and many find themselves looking for new work at a new company.

In fact, a Randstad US survey looking at why people quit found that 58 percent of workers said their companies didn’t have enough growth opportunities for them to stay longer term, and 57 percent said they needed to leave their current companies to take their careers to the next level.

At Rose Financial Solutions (RFS), however, we believe in attracting and retaining outstanding employees, and one way we do that is providing a complete career track from Accounting Staff to CFO.  Through our CFO Financial Leadership Program, RFS has become the only accounting firm providing a clear career track from entry level accounting to CFO.

Those accepted to the CFO Financial Leadership Program are given the opportunity to further their professional development through focused learning, trainings and mentorship, all designed to facilitate a career path to client CFO – and potentially partner at RFS. The program is ideal for forward-thinking employees who aspire to become well-rounded and strategic CFOs.

The CFO Financial Leadership Program is specifically designed for finance and accounting professionals who have demonstrated competency as a controller or finance manager and are looking to assume higher levels of managerial responsibility within the organization. “We developed this leading-edge program to be a win-win,” said, Ted Rose, President and CEO. “Employees win with a straight-forward path towards their careers goals and RFS wins by retaining our most valuable assets—our employees.”