Rose Report: Issue 36

What’s in a Name? Everything.

Name ChangeOne of the greatest challenges a new company faces is finding the right name to represent its products or services. After all, you want your business’ name to be memorable, easy to pronounce and provide information about what your company does. Easy? Not by a long shot.

Startups are not the only companies that struggle with finding the right name. Even established corporations may feel the need to tweak their names. Over time, a business’ offerings or customer base may change, or maybe a company just wants to freshen up its brand.

Did you know that Google was once named Backrub and Yahoo was known as
Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web?

At Rose Financial Services (RFS), we are happy with our name but feel it no longer represents who we are. That’s why starting this month, we’ll be known as Rose Financial Solutions.

Why the name change? Rose Financial Services is memorable, and it’s easy to pronounce. However, it doesn’t tell our clients and prospects exactly what we do. While we are only changing one word—services to solutions—it speaks volumes about our commitment to helping our clients succeed in their own missions by improving their financial performance through financial clarity.

Services versus solutions

There is a subtle difference between the definition of services and solutions, and many people use the terms interchangeably. However, a solution provides a combination of services and technologies to resolve a problem and deliver a desired outcome. In other words, a service provides clients with primarily the people to solve a problem while a solution provides them with everything they need—the people, processes and technology, etc. At RFS, we provide our clients with the solution—a highly trained professional finance, accounting and tax staff along with our one-of-a-kind technology, RFSWorkflow™. Through our solution, our clients have cost effective and scalable financial infrastructures that provide the financial clarity they need to improve their financial performance and reach their business goals.

The spark that ignited our new name

While RFS has been evolving from a service provider to a solutions provider over the past dozen years, a recent request for a proposal by a large association ignited us into action. After RFS delivered its proposal, the association contacted us to let us know we were selected because, “RFS was the only firm that showed up with a ’SOLUTION’.”