Rose Report: Issue 22

Summertime and Making Workin’ Easy

issue22-pic-story4As we cross into the summer season, workloads and requests lighten, phone calls and e-mails slow down, and soon your own employees may be asking for some much needed R&R. It’s important to give your people time off to unwind and recharge, so they can avoid burnout and return to work with a fresh mindset.

In today’s age of smartphones, it’s easy for an employee to check-in periodically from almost anywhere in the world, and be able to delegate tasks to those still in the office. However, it’s important to make sure an employee’s short departure does not interrupt service to the client, who may not be on vacation the same time. Here are some tips for managing out-of-office coverage.

  • Cross-train your employees. Make sure there is always a back-up person who can take over when someone is out. That person should be familiar with the work, where files are located, and be briefed ahead of time on any pending issues.
  • Have your employee set up an out-of-office voice message and automatic e-mail response that refers clients to the back-up individual. Include a phone number and e-mail address for that person, and a return date for the employee who is on vacation.
  • Plan ahead. Whether your employee is taking a week-long trip into the mountains abroad or the afternoon to see a child’s school play, it’s important to coordinate schedules and coverage during that time. Have your employee schedule time off as well in advance as possible. This way, if there is a deliverable or deadline scheduled, the employee will be able to take care of this before his or her vacation.

No one wants to return to chaos, so it’s important to prepare in advance and stay organized before someone leaves the office. This way, both the client and co-workers are happy, and the vacationing employee can fully rest and relax on his or her time off.