BizLife Review: Rose Financial

Rose Financial Services was recently featured on the WinBiz Proposals website. WinBiz Proposals is a woman-owned small business with a mission to help small businesses pursue their visions and create thriving enterprises by working on, not in, their businesses. They do this by bringing the resources they need to grow, with the flexibility needed to stay agile and productive. To read the original article on the WinBiz website, click here.

When we say that we’re passionate about small businesses and that we’re here for our community—we mean it. Regardless if you’re a prospect, client, subcontractor, or raving fan…our mission is to help small businesses pursue their mission and create prosperous enterprises by working on, not in, their businesses.

The work we do at WinBiz to help you win that specific government proposal is just one aspect of growing your business. You also need to have a strong infrastructure surrounding proposals, whether it’s the latest innovative tool for project management, or a robust and DCAA-compliant financial system to manage cash and your bottom line.

So this week, we reached out to a company we love—Rose Financial Services (RFS)—to get the scoop on how they are making a difference in the lives of small business owners by helping them build and maintain cost effective and scalable financial infrastructures.

Why are we #obsessed about RFS? Because they have more than 20 years of experience providing accounting and financial services specifically to government contractors. They know and understand your most difficult financial challenges and the solutions they provide are relevant, impactful, and cost-effective. Their deep understanding of the issues and opportunities facing government contractors absolutely sets them apart. For example, one of the biggest hurdles for government contractors is ensuring their financial systems are DCAA-compliant. Many cost-reimbursable contracts require this certification at time of RFP—and for companies caught unaware, this can result in a no-bid for an otherwise viable opportunity. However, obtaining and then maintaining compliance can be arduous, but the government contractors who use RFS have experienced 100% DCAA compliance audit success.

“The number and depth of the audits from the DCAA is only increasing in the GovCon space. The DCAA is using more analytical procedures to expand its reach and contracting officers are raising the bar on how a contractor demonstrates it is DCAA-compliant. With the increasing competition in the GovCon space and this heightened awareness, it is now more important than even to maintain a DCAA-compliant system,” shared founder, president, and CEO of RFS, Ted Rose.

Beyond just DCAA compliance, RFS understands the boots-on-ground, day to day pulse and complexity of the government contracting business and proposal pricing models. That is why they are focused on developing products and services geared to making life easier and more prosperous for government contractors, and integrating with the top software systems government contractors use like Quickbooks, Unanet, and Deltek.

“The government contracting proposal process requires massive amounts of data, multiple steps, and finding the right facts and figures to ultimately bid. We created cost proposal models to provide government contractors with the ability to include calculated estimates and accumulate financial data and information in one place. Not only is data more accurate, the process is more efficient and incredibly cost-effective,” shared Rose.

Anyone who has worked on a GovCon proposal knows that the final pricing model is usually the hardest, most complex aspect of getting that proposal done. And frankly, it’s often finished last when the proposal team is running on caffeine and no sleep. RFS’ models provide access to the data needed to make smart pricing decisions, with less pain and suffering and in a repeatable process. All music to our ears.

We’re also huge fans of RFS because their values align with ours. RFS keeps a pulse on the market and ever-changing government regulations with a relentless dedication. From integrating technologies and standardizing electronic workflows into their accounting systems to maintain cost effectiveness and scalability, to creating mobile apps that provide clients with the financial information they need right at their fingertips, RFS is constantly coming up with ways to better serve their clients.

“It is no longer enough just to be good at what you do,” shared Rose. “You have to be good and do things the right way. That’s what is means for us to be a financial partner to our clients. We help make sure they are doing things the right way related to finance, accounting, and DCAA compliance.”

We couldn’t agree more. Just another way to make sure you are ready to win more business.

Want more information on RFS? Check out their website. Want to pick our brain on proposal best practices or other resources we love? Schedule some time to connect.