RFSPurchasing is an online, paperless purchasing system utilized by companies to streamline their purchasing process from requisition creation, to purchase order issuance, to receiving, to invoice approval. DCAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance is simplified with RFSPurchasing.



Requisitions can be electronically generated by any authorized employee by entering the data necessary to complete a purchase. Fields can be customized, ensuring that your purchasing solution will include all important and relevant information related to your purchases.

Specific fields for each requisition include:

  • Description of product or services being purchased
  • Quantity ordered
  • Unit and Total Costs
  • Due Date
  • Reason for purchase
  • Copies of vendor estimates
  • Comments
  • And more!

RFSPurchasing eliminates the need to have purchase requests presented in different formats such as email or print-outs and ensures that the approver will have all of the information they require when making a purchasing decision.


Online access to RFSPurchasing allows approvers to be in multiple offices, states and even countries and easily approve purchase requests. A multi-tier approval process can be utilized based on departments, positions, and dollar thresholds. Departments can assign specific budgets and the requisition creator is immediately notified if their request exceeds the allocated budget. The requisitions provides the individual the remaining budget prior to submission and the department and project leaders can see the budget amount when approving. If the amount of the requisition is above an approvers authorized dollar threshold, a second approval will be required by their manager or the CFO.


Electronic generation of the purchase order occurs once the requisition has been approved. Data which was entered into the requisition instantaneously carries over to the purchase order. RFSPurchasing also has the ability to electronically send the purchase order to the vendor as soon as it is generated. This automated process eliminates lag time and streamlines the requisition to purchase process.


The receiving department can easily access RFSPurchasing to update a purchase once it has been received. Requisition creators, approvers and departments are also able to view the purchase order, instantly allowing them to know once the purchase has been received.


RFSPurchasing is integrated with RFSPayables, an online accounts payable approval system, simplifying the invoice approval process. RFSPurchasing maintains a complete audit trail for every transaction, allowing for transparency related to the purchasing process.

Enhance your purchasing visibility and internal controls by automating your purchasing process with RFSPurchasing today!