RFSPayroll digitizes and streamlines the approval process related to changes in the payroll master file, improving communication between Human Resources, Payroll, and Management.

Human Resources simply enters requested changes into RFSPayroll. Eliminating the need to email highly confidential payroll information; RFSPayroll captures information in a secure, task-based environment with a defined approval path and a complete audit trail. Each transaction is captured electronically, ensuring approval compliance and reducing the risk of errors, delayed processing, or ambiguity. Through RFSPayroll you can manage master file changes, including:

  • Adding, Editing or Terminating an Employee
  • Employee Demographics
  • Payroll Information including Pay Type and Salary or Pay Rate Changes
  • Special Payment Requests such as Bonuses or Expense Reimbursements
  • Direct Deposit Instructions
  • Tax and Benefit Preferences
  • Emergency Contact Information

Employee information is organized into categories, so you can determine approver visibility, allowing for electronic routing of transaction approval to the appropriate level of staff. This improves the confidentiality of sensitive data by removing paper from the process and limiting visibility to authorized staff. The system is flexible, allowing the approval path to be adjusted to fit your business rules.

Online access to RFSPayroll allows for easy access in multiple offices, states or even countries. All requests and approvals are tracked, providing a full audit trail of all requested changes, dates, notes and final approval.

Remove Paper and streamline your payroll process!
RFSPayroll improves visibility, confidentiality and efficiency while reducing errors and omissions!

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