Improve controls over cash receipts while improving cash management, recordkeeping and communication and simplifying your bank reconciliations!

RFSCashreceipts is an online solution that separates the custody over cash and checks from the recordkeeping while improving the reporting of cash receipts to management.

As funds are received they are entered into RFSCashreceipts. These cash receipts are simultaneously reported to management for accounts receivables and cash management purposes and accounting staff for entry or import into your accounting software.

The cash receipt data is aggregated and verified by transaction type based on how deposits are received and recorded by the bank, simplifying your bank reconciliation process.

In addition to securely and accurately storing your receipt data in a searchable format, a digital copy of all receipts is stored as an attachment to each batch. This saves time later when responding to requests from auditors.

RFSCashreceipts improves cash management, simplifies audits, and improves internal controls related to the most important asset a company has, its cash.

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