RFSPayables is an online, paperless accounts payable invoice approval and management solution.  Approvals for payment are permission based and automatically incorporate a complete audit trail with supporting documentation.




All invoices are retrieved from a dedicated email box or RFS’ PO box, captured electronically and uploaded to RFSPayables. This eliminates the need to pass paper invoices between departments or offices and decreases the time required to file and retrieve documents while saving 85% on future physical storage space!


RFS Staff utilize RFSPayables to properly code all accounts payable invoices. RFSPayables maintains G/L, department, project and business unit codes and more. Coding errors are reduced through an in-house coding system that displays vendor history.


Online access to RFSPayables for all approvers allows approvers to be in multiple offices, states and even countries and easily approve invoices. A multi-tier approval process can be utilized based on dollar thresholds. Approvers have the ability to track their transactions online. RFSPayables allows for greater visibility into accounting transactions and reduces the amount of time approvers spend on rejections or adjustments.


RFS Staff review all RFSPayables transactions to ensure coding accuracy and that current accounting policies are followed.


Once all invoices have been approved and reviewed, they are then integrated with the accounting system. RFSPayables integrates with most accounting systems.


RFSPayables provides a full audit trail including every step of the payables process with dates and comments. RFSPayables documentation enhances internal controls and improves compliance with DCAA and Sarbanes Oxley. All transaction history is available online and through reports.

RFSPayables reduces invoice processing costs up to 45% compared to a similarly-staffed accounts payable department!

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