QuickBooks Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks in the RFSCloud allows ease of accessibility from anywhere at any time with reliability, and a high level of security. 

You’ll have access to RFS Finance and Accounting Professionals too!

Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses; financial institutions, consumers and accounting professionals. Its flagship product, QuickBooks®, simplifies small business management. QuickBooks provides organization for the finances of small-to-medium sized businesses. Its user-friendly interface provides financial clarity, even to those without a background in accounting.

Rose Financial Services, an Intuit Partner, can provide you with secure access to

QuickBooks through the RFSCloud.

Hosting QuickBooks in the RFSCloud provides all authorized users with online access, allowing users to log-in through the internet from any computer. With the RFSCloud there is no need to download QuickBooks software on an individual’s local computers or send email files between accountants. Multi-user access allows for multiple individuals to log in, view the same files at the same time and work simultaneously.

Data is securely stored on our servers and backed up offsite multiple times a day. Utilizing the RFSCloud eliminates the risk of losing important data if an individual’s computer crashes or is lost. A disaster recovery plan is in place, keeping important data intact should a disaster occur. Our firewall and security ensures that your critical data is secure and only accessible to authorized users.

Hosting QuickBooks through the RFSCloud provides routine upgrades. All upgrades are managed by Rose Financial Services.


Customer Service and Support
Receive outstanding customer service and support with the RFSCloud. All questions will be responded to in a timely manner by professionals in the U.S.

Integration Support
Our technical support personnel can assist you with QuickBooks integrations with other software including your timekeeping system, payroll provider, CRM, or other software’s.

Accounting Support
Hosting with RFS also allows for easy access to your accounting database by RFS Finance and  Accounting professionals that can support your company by providing accounting, finance and tax support as needed. You’ll have access to a world-class accounting services team to support your specific financial needs.

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