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Outsourced CFO Services:

Part Time CFO and Fractional CFO Support

Fractional CFO Services – Business Intelligence Starts Here.

At Rose Financial Solutions (RFS), our fractional CFO and financial management services provide you with the financial clarity you need to make confident business decisions and achieve more.


What Can Fractional CFO Services do for a Company?

When a company is in need of high-level, CFO support, fractional financial management is often an excellent solution. Organizations looking to overcome specific financial challenges, create proactive strategies, manage sudden growth, or achieve goals with confidence can turn to the professional guidance provided with fractional CFO services.

  1. Overcome Specific Financial Challenges: Cash flow issues, audit navigation, or low gross margins are common examples of financial challenges that require outsourced assistance.
  2. Create a Proactive Strategy: Processional financial management focuses on the future of your organization, helping develop financial forecasts and prepare budgets.
  3. Manage Growth: As organizations expand, financial management becomes more complex. A flourishing customer base, increased vendor relationships, and growing staff can contribute to financial complexities best navigated by experienced professionals.
  4. Achieve Goals with Confidence: At RFS, we are dedicated to providing you with the clarity to achieve goals with confidence. Our team often guides companies through sales, mergers, or raising equity funding.

    Rose Financial Solutions Financial Management Tools 

Imagine what you will achieve with financial confidence when you have online access to routinely updated financial and non-financial KPI’s for your company. Through RFSDashboards, this became a reality, supported by RFS’ shared services center, we provide you with the best of both worlds—our integrated workflow technology, Easby™ powered by RFSWorkflow™, and a highly trained and motivated finance, accounting, tax, HR and related technology staff—all at the fraction of the cost of managing these processes internally.


When Should a Company Look into Fractional CFO Services?

When is it time to look into outsourcing CFO services? A few characteristics often define organizations in need of professional financial assistance:

  • You need to increase profitability
  • You require in-depth financial reporting and analysis
  • Your financial processes are inefficient
  • You do not have the budget to hire a full-time CFO
  • You are preparing for a significant business change, such as a merger or acquisition
  • You have high transaction rates
  • You lack the expertise to navigate complex financial issues
  • You do not fully understand cash flow


 What Can Rose Financial Do for Your Business? 

Having coined the term “Accounting Outsourcing” in 1995, RFS was—and continues to be—a pioneer in finance and accounting outsourcing. Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we provide the most up-to-date solutions, informed by shifts in the industry and in technology.

We believe the only way to fully serve you is to configure you solution to address your unique needs. With the best people, best practices, and best processes in place, we ensure you have a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure that provides meaningful financial information and guidance that is timely and accurate—while minimizing compliance related risks. Through our CFO and financial management services, you will gain the business intelligence you need to make confident decisions that lead to better financial performance and greater achievements.


We’re More Than Finance and Accounting Professionals – We’re Trusted Advisors.

At RFS, we focus on being your trusted advisor and helping you succeed in your own mission through strategic financial management. That’s why our finance professionals stay connected with you through routine online financial management meetings where your monthly, quarterly, and annual financial results are reviewed and discussed. From there, our financial managers drill down into your unique operating metrics to identify ways to improve your financial performance.

Are you looking to grow your business through strategic financial management? If so, business success and greater achievement start here.

Our Part Time CFO and Fractional CFO Support services include:
  • RFSDashboards
  • Cash Management and Forecasting
  • Debt Management
  • Management Reporting and Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Budget Management
    • Profit and Loss Forecasting
    • Balance Sheet Management
    • Capital Expenditures Plans
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Metrics
    • Financial
    • Operational
    • Strategic Measures
    • RFSBenchmarking
  • Identifying and Managing Budget Variances
  • Financial Systems and Processes
    • Implement Financial Process Improvements
    • Internal Control Management
  • Strategic Plan and Financial Plan
    • Revenue Forecasting
    • Financial Growth Planning
    • Technology Selection and Implementation
  • Equity and Cap Table Management
  • Acquisition (Buy/Sell) Strategy, Analysis, Due Diligence and Support
  • Risk Management
    • Planning
    • HR
    • Insurance
  • Organizational Structure
  • Reserves and Investment Policy Management

Reach Your Financial and

Strategic Goals

Are you looking to grow your business through strategic financial management? If so, business success starts here. View video for more information on our CFO and financial management services.