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RFS understands the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations. Inside membership-based organizations and public charities, the importance of accurate, timely and consistent financial reporting can sometimes get overlooked. However, RFS can bring clarity to your organization’s financial information.

Here is an example of how RFS assisted a not-for-profit company in maintaining its accounting system:

The company let its controller go. At the time, they had a part time CFO who had no knowledge of the accounting systems the company was using. RFS provided the accounting knowledge and the software knowledge to keep their accounting up and running. We also guided them through setting up accounting policies and procedures.

Financial Result: RFS helped the company maintain its accounting systems and increase their level of efficiency by over 50%.

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RFS Solution


My accounting software is really complicated and my bookkeeper is overwhelmed.

RFS works with any number of accounting software packages and offers training, support, and oversight.

You can leverage existing personnel and their abilities by using RFS to supplement their capabilities.

There seems to be a lot of turnover in the not-for-profit world both in staff and volunteers.

RFS develops accounting policies and procedures that can be institutionalized and utilized by incoming personnel regardless of their tenure.

Your organization doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a new accounting manager comes on board. RFS provides continuity, consistency and institutional experience.

My Board likes to receive monthly reports. How can we get financial statements consistently?

RFS prides itself on providing accurate, timely, and consistent information. We will have monthly financials to you on the day you request them and are available for Board presentations as well.

Board and large donor confidence is increased when financial information is presented in a format they can understand and on a routine timetable.

Is it possible to get our 990’s done without filing an extension?

RFS has extensive experience assisting not-for-profits with their tax reporting.

Your tax filings are discussed and planned for annually.  Annual compliance filings are scheduled and handled routinely.

Can you handle our annual and grant projects’ audits as well?

RFS continually works with auditors on our clients’ behalf. We can provide onsite or offsite support to minimize disruption to your organization.

Audit costs are minimized since the information provided is efficiently presented by accounting professionals familiar with the audit process.

Is RFS able to design a program that works within our accounting budget?

Accounting outsourcing makes perfect sense because you only pay for the time used. Also in the RFS model, the correct level of staff is assigned to each task. You pay controllers to do controller level work and accounting staff to do staff work.

Your dollars go farther because you’re getting the information you need from trained, responsible accounting professionals. Work is performed on an as needed basis.