Finance and Accounting Outsourcing with Reporting and Compliance

Helping Nonprofit Organizations Do More for Less

Why ROSE®?

  • Easby®, our Finance as a Service (FaaS) solution, combines industry leading technology and a highly skilled team specializing in nonprofit accounting
  • ROSE takes a holistic approach to our nonprofit clients’ finance and accounting needs and provide the entire range of required offerings at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives
  • With 25+ years of experience serving nonprofit organizations, we have expertise in grant and indirect rate reporting
  • We ensure that the organizations we work with meet their non-profit compliance requirements and will be audit ready all year


Which Solution Is Right for You?

As a result of their commitment to cutting costs, non-profit organizations often have less accounting and administrative staff than for-profit businesses. While nonprofits may not manage for profit, they must manage for sustainability. To make informed decisions for your nonprofit, you need accurate and timely financial data, just like any other business.

Our FaaS solution, Easby, combines people, processes, and technology to simplify and automate accounting functions, ensure compliance, and deliver strategic guidance and financial analysis from a team of top finance and accounting professionals.

  • Electronic workflows manage transaction approvals (AP payments, invoicing, payroll processing)
  • Executive dashboard provides KPIs and metrics
  • Provides centralized financial and project/grant reporting
  • Generates timely and accurate financial reporting
  • Minimizes compliance-related risks
  • Integrates into most accounting software systems

ROSE FaaS Solution plus QUICKBOOKS

Full or Partial ROSE FaaS Solution Plus:

  • Conversion to Quickbooks or Optimization of Current Quickbooks
  • Integration of Easby to Support Meaningful Financial Reporting that is Timely and Accurate
  • Cost-effective and Scalable Quickbooks Solutions
  • Minimize Compliance-related Risks


Full or Partial ROSE FaaS Solution Plus:

  • Conversion to Sage Intacct or Optimization of Current Sage Intacct
  • Integration of Easby to Support Meaningful Financial Reporting that is Timely and Accurate
  • Cost-effective and Scalable Sage Intacct Solutions
  • Minimize Compliance-related Risks

Schedule an Introductory Call

Let’s talk about what you need. Whether you need support on a compliance project, your team needs help getting caught up, you have a DCAA system review or audit, or you need a full solution, pick a convenient time for us to talk.


How we can help

Fill in the Gaps

Keep your existing team and accounting software while filling in the gaps with our team and  RFSWorkflow platform.

Replace Your Existing System

Replace your existing team and accounting software with a cost-effective, scalable and complete solution.

Start Off Ready to Grow

Focus on your core business from day one with a base-line accounting system that can scale with you as you grow.

What our clients are saying

“I just wanted to thank the entire (ROSE) team, you all did a fantastic job and were on point throughout the entire process. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Michael R. McGowan, CEO, Skyris Regarding the Sale of His Company

What our clients are saying

“Rose Financial Solutions is a thought leader in guiding small companies to great financial health and wealth.”

Greg Freeland, Exec. Vice President, Corp. Development and Strategic Management, Y-Tech


What our clients are saying

“Rose Financial is by far the finest team that I have ever worked with.”

COO, Government Contractor

What our clients are saying

“ROSE has been a powerful and invaluable strategic partner for us leading up to the Series A financing round. They so clearly understood our business, aspirations for the future and supported our move from services to a technology company. In fact, we share the same values and passion for helping businesses operate and grow more effectively.”

Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO of Interos


Do your finance and accounting functions align with your projects? They should.

Nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations know that success relies on ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

With the help of our project controls solutions, you can monitor the status of your projects and manage resources to make sure they are completed effectively and in line with the goals they were designed to achieve.


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