Rose Report: Issue 39

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Rose Report Celebrating 25 yearsCelebrating 25 years of exceeding client expectations

The year is 1994. The average person doesn’t own a cell phone. Only 2 million computers are connected to the internet and Amazon and Yahoo! are just in their beginning stages. It’s also the year that Ted Rose began transforming the finance and accounting industry by founding Rose Financial Solutions (RFS).

As RFS celebrates its 25th anniversary, we sat down with RFS founder and CEO Ted Rose for a trip down memory lane as well as a look at his vision for the future of the company.

How did you come to coin the term ‘accounting outsourcing’?

Back in 1994 when I founded RFS, there weren’t any CPA firms set up to do operational accounting. I knew there had to be companies out there in need of sophisticated accounting support, but without the resources for a fully-staffed internal department. That’s where I got the idea for RFS. There was no existing terminology to explain our business model in the accounting space and I realized that outsourcing was exactly what RFS was doing for our clients.

How has RFS evolved over the years?

Since our founding, RFS has embraced a philosophy of continuous process improvement, both internally and externally. I have a passion for innovation using technology and I am constantly looking for new ways to grow and innovate the firm and our solutions. As a result, we’ve found ways to incorporate the extensive benefits of combining technological advancements with our finance and accounting services. Today, RFS focuses on providing solutions that go beyond traditional finance and accounting outsourcing with our Finance as a Solution approach that combines our cutting-edge technology platform, RFSWorkflow, and our team of experienced finance, accounting, tax, and HR professionals.

What do you attribute RFS’ success to?

Our success is all about our people and their commitment to staying true to RFS’ mission of delivering solutions that allow our clients to achieve more with financial confidence.

What’s your vision for the future of RFS?

I’m proud of our 25-year track record of improving our clients’ financial performance through financial clarity. At the same time, we are focused on the future and continuing to deliver value to our clients through our state-of-the-art finance and accounting innovations. RFS will continue to build a bright financial future for our clients, helping them reach their financial goals this year, in 2025 and beyond!