Rose Report: Issue 7

Life with NetSuite: Fast, Smart, Simple

WebWhen the leaders of Rose Financial Services decided to take a fresh look at their accounting and enterprise resource planning systems in 2011, they realized their current programs wouldn’t be sufficient to keep up with the company’s growth plans. After a comprehensive survey of the software solutions available, they found one that stood out among the rest: NetSuite.

A key feature that distinguishes NetSuite from other business software suites is that it offers one seamless, integrated system that links together all of a company’s front- and back-end functions; including accounting, sales automation, marketing automation, project management, human resources, customer relationship management, and more. NetSuite is cloud-based, meaning all of an organization’s corporate data resides in a single data source that updates automatically and can be accessed from anywhere.

“It brings real time clarity to the business. It shows you exactly what’s going on right away,” explains RFS partner Tim Fargo.

Before implementing NetSuite, visibility into the day to day activities at RFS was limited. With NetSuite, real-time detail, including project costs, is available for the thousands of tasks RFS employees handle each month. NetSuite has also enabled RFS to improve client services. On-time and on-budget project delivery has increased. It previously took RFS up to five days to complete a formal new-business proposal; with NetSuite, it now takes less than 24 hours. And whereas it used to take up to a week to catch potential budget overruns, RFS is now alerted to them within a day.

The leaders of RFS are so enthusiastic about the positive changes NetSuite has helped them to make within their own company, that RFS has partnered with NetSuite in the hopes that clients can reap similar benefits. Click here to learn more about the benefits of NetSuite.