Rose Report: Issue 35

Bringing Hope, Nourishment and Hydration to the Homeless

Food for the Homeless#FoodDonorHallofFame: “Thanks to Rose Financial Services for donating over a ton of water for the second time this year! This might qualify you for the Food Donor Hall of Fame!”—Nourish Now

Water is vital to life, yet so many do not have access to this important resource because they are homeless. That’s why Rose Financial Services (RFS) not only provided a ton of food for the homeless in 2017, but also two tons of bottled water.

While many people realize the importance of staying hydrated during the hot summer months, it is equally important to have access to water during the cold winter season. Not only does water help you stay hydrated, it also helps regulate body temperature and is crucial to cell, tissue and organ health. In addition, drinking water helps boost your immune system and can help prevent you from getting sick during the cold and flu season. For the homeless community, water is undoubtedly an essential resource for health and wellbeing.

“At RFS, we believe that hydrating the homeless in our community is just as important as making sure they receive nutritious meals,” said RFS CEO Ted Rose.

As part of the RFS Gives Back Foundation, twice a year the RFS staff volunteers with Meals for the Homeless to assemble meals and then donate them to Nourish Now, an organization that redistributes directly to families and Montgomery County, Maryland nonprofit organizations that provide food assistance to those in need.

“I invite you to join our passion for giving back to our community through helping to feed and hydrate the homeless,” said Rose. “Stay tuned for our 2018 volunteer dates.”

About Nourish Now

Nourish Now brings food security to families, children, and seniors in need in Montgomery County, Maryland. Through food recovery, Nourish Now works to solve two major social issues: hunger and food waste.

Nourish Now strives to meet this goal by collecting donations of surplus fresh food from our dedicated Food Donor Partners throughout the Washington D.C. Metro region. Food is then redistributed directly to over 600 families in need each month and to over 90 local nonprofit organizations that offer food assistance. By providing donations to other charities, Nourish Now’s reach and impact expands as Montgomery County’s food assistance sector is strengthened. These organizations can then repurpose funding that would otherwise be used to purchase food for their clients. Nourish Now’s programs are designed to alleviate food insecurity, and ultimately, the additional symptoms of poverty.