Rose Financial Solutions (RFS) has defined the Accounting Outsourcing And Finance Industry

At Rose Financial Solutions (RFS), our accounting outsourcing and financial management services provide you with the financial clarity needed to make confident business decisions and achieve more.

Our accounting outsourcing and finance services have been described by our clients as:

  • value-added
  • cost-effective
  • high quality
  • responsive 

Having coined the term “Accounting Outsourcing” in 1995, RFS was – and continues to be – a pioneer in finance and accounting outsourcing. Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we provide the most up-to-date solutions, informed by shifts in the industry and technology. Below, we discuss the benefits of outsourced accounting services and what makes RFS stand above the rest. 

What are the Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing & Business Financial Management?

Accounting outsourcing is cost-effective, reducing overhead. Outsourcing your accounting costs significantly less than hiring an in-house accounting department. By outsourcing, you spare the expenses associated with an employee’s salary, benefits, taxes, recruiting, training, and sick leave. Instead, you simply pay a fixed amount for the duration of your hired outsourcing services. On average, RFS saves our clients 20-50% as opposed to them managing the same functions internally. Furthermore, an initial meeting with our set-up team reviews all current accounting systems and practices, so you only pay for the types of services you need – performed by an appropriate level of staff.

Accounting outsourcing generates company insight in moments. Good accounting outsourcing services pay close attention to your business. Over time, our team at RFS will comprehend the big picture of your business and be able to offer real-time insight as needed. 

Accounting outsourcing saves time so you can focus on what you do best. Do you possess the technical expertise to perform necessary accounting duties for your business? Regardless, managing complex and delicate accounting tasks and ensuring timely and accurate financial reports take time to complete. Outsourcing accounting puts time back into your hands to manage other primary areas of business. 

By having an outside provider assume support service activities an organization can accelerate its growth and success through expanded investment in areas offering the greatest competitive advantage. 

Accounting outsourcing improves security & minimizes risk. Ultimately, if you are performing your own accounting tasks, you rely solely on your software’s security and server’s housing data. Even if you are an accounting expert and take security seriously, the peace of mind in outsourced accounting can be reassuring.   

Accounting outsourcing puts your sensitive information into extremely secure servers and cutting-edge encryption technology. We have already invested in securing your data – all that’s left for you to do is entrust it. RFS ensures that accounting systems maintained behind its firewall are backed up and secured. 

Accounting outsourcing minimizes the risk of penalties, embezzlement, litigation, and everything in between. You can trust us to be the experts. We comprehend human resources, financial reporting, compliance and regulatory complexities, and taxes. Accounting outsourcing puts your accounting needs in the hands of experts, significantly diminishing risk. 

The integrity of salary information, financial statements, and other confidential information is strengthened because it is processed at another location. Accidental exposure to employees is less likely. Data is backed up multiple times per day and safely stored. 

Accounting outsourcing allows for faster and informed decision making. All informed financial business decisions depend on accurate, up-to-date accounting information and financial statements. Keeping current with changing data points is difficult, especially while trying to make beneficial judgments. 

Outsourced accounting streamlines the decision-making process by coalescing all important financial information in a single, accessible hub using Easby™ powered by RFSWorkflow™. Even one glance allows business owners to seize opportunity and make fast, informed, and impactful decisions. RFS has honed its skill at instituting accounting systems that provide meaningful financial information that is timely and accurate. Executives can use that knowledge to bring financial clarity to the decision making process. 

Accounting outsourcing increases business value. Outsourced business financial management can ultimately increase your company value. As future buyers examine your business for long-term worth, outsourcing accounting often makes companies look more appealing because they can have confidence in the accuracy of the financial data and have experts in place to manage the organization’s finance and accounting needs.

Accounting outsourcing increases company profitability and maximizes cash flow: By outsourcing, the company reduces the need to invest capital funds in non-core functions, making capital funds more available for core functions. It can also improve certain financial ratios by eliminating the need to show return on equity from capital investments in non-core areas. In addition, access to the outside provider’s lower cost structure, may result in greater economy of scale.

Accounting outsourcing helps retain current customers and grow your clientele. Accounting outsourcing is not a magical solution to business growth. However, allowing professionals to handle delicate, time-consuming financial management and accounting needs affords you the energy to focus on core business duties. This includes retaining current clientele by providing excellent services offered and reaching out to potential clients. In addition, RFS provides a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure for your organization to grow. As you win more business, you can have confidence that RFS has a solution in place to support the increased back-office and compliance needs.

Accounting outsourcing reduces recruiting, retraining, and retention costs. Unfortunately, staff turnover is not uncommon within the finance and accounting department. Many AP, AR, and Payroll staff move from organization to organization within a couple years as they do not see a clear path for career growth. When employees leave, all the institution knowledge they have walk out the door with them and this is a major headache for employers. With RFS, your organization would have a long-term solution in place that is cost-effective and scalable.   

How is RFS Unique? 

With online access to routinely updated financial and non-financial company KPIs, you have the power to make informed decisions with financial confidence. With RFSDashboards, this has become possible. Supported by RFS’ team of professionals at a shared services center, we provide you with the best of both worlds. Our integrated workflow technology, Easby powered by RFSWorkflow and a team of highly trained and motivated finance, accounting, tax, HR, and related technology professionals deliver solutions, at a fraction of the cost to manage these processes internally. 

We believe the only way to fully serve you is by configuring a unique solution that addresses your specific needs. With the best people, practices, and processes in place, we provide our clients with a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure. At the same time, we minimize compliance-related risks by timely and accurate financial information and guidance. 

Through our CFO and business financial management services, you obtain the intelligence needed to make confident decisions enhancing your financial performance. 

Our comprehensive finance and accounting services produce tangible benefits for our clients:

  • Increasing internal controls through the segregation of duties: Accounting outsourcing ensures transparency, and the assurance that the accountant doing your payables is not the same as the one doing your bank reconciliations. In addition, the entire process is supervised by a senior staff. This is difficult for a small company to achieve on its own, but is accomplished by leveraging outside resources.
  • Improving company’s image with customers and vendors: Even the smallest of entities appears substantial when customers receive professional looking invoice in a timely manner and vendors are directed to the accounting department with their questions. In addition, funding agents – such as banks or investors – appreciate seeing that financial information is reliable and readily available.
  • Improving company’s credit rating and reduce the cost of borrowing:Financial clarity reassures those supplying funds that their money is being handled responsibly. Knowing that RFS is doing the accounting and offering guidance has given our clients better terms than they would have received on their own.

We’re more than finance and accounting professionals – we’re trusted advisors. 

As your trusted advisor, we at Rose Financial Solutions focus on helping your business succeed through strategic business financial management. Our financial experts connect with you over routine, online financial management meetings to review your monthly, quarterly, and annual financial results. From there, our financial managers drill down into your unique operating metrics to identify ways to improve your financial performance. 

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